10 Apr 2013

home tour: living room & dining room

Inspired by one of those blogs that I blog-walking, I decided to de-clutter and re-arranged our living room.  This is the problem with me, when I decided to clean up the house that means some furniture would move from its corner place, a lamp would be replaced with a candle and if I could re-locate the fire-place I would!

 Mr. Hubby often complains, every time he comes home something will be moving away from its previous place make it difficult for him to navigate where's the best angle to watch telly and/or to get easy reach for a remote control!

Today I'll be sharing the living room and a bit of dining room. Enjoy!

IMG_2211IMG_2218 IMG_2274 IMG_2280IMG_2225 IMG_2221 IMG_2259 IMG_2244

Thank you for taking a peek at my home :)

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