6 Nov 2009

ten years on and bugger me dead we're still together!

Today is ten years ago when we stand in the presence of God, family and friends to say our vows for better and worse, richer and poorer , in sickness and in health , together til death do us apart.

Today is ten years ago when we were still very much in love and gaze through each other eyes with much laughter and love.

Today is ten years ago when we were childless and enjoyed each other company without any nagging voices in the background.

Today is ten years ago where east met west and proved that we're compatible.

And today....ten years on, we have two gorgeous boys that we both love to death, a lunatic silly dog that caused us lots of trouble, a cosy comfortable house, and a mortgage. 

And I hope I would still have tons of patience and millions of love towards you, in another ten years time ahead or else we both would end up at Grayland ward.

Happy 10th anniversary Sweetheart, ten years already and getting better every day!

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