2 Jan 2013

hello new year!

( I wrote this post from my mobile while I was in Jakarta.  Somehow, I couldn't publish it.  Hope it won't be too late! )

Dear 2013,

It's a new year! New mistakes are going to make along with new promises and regrets.  All I am asking that you will be as good as last year or better.

I am not praying for a miracle and I have no new year's resolutions, I just want a good health for me and my little family and for the ones dearest and closest to me.  That is the most important thing in my life.

This post is short.  As I just recovering from welcoming a new year last night until the wee hours, way past my bedtime!  I have 'family duty' to attend this afternoon so better get my kids and myself ready.


Happy 2013 internet!

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