29 Jan 2012

the red sole

I'm a shoe lover and a big fans of red bottom shoes father Mr. Louboutin.  Unfortunately I only can admire his magnificent work  through internet or window shopping :)

His new spring/summer 2012 collection apparently is inspired by Bollywood.  Bollywood is informal word for Indian Hollywood. It's reported that Louboutin opened in India with their flagship store in New Delhi.  Errrr.....this make me a bit cringe as India is a third world country with high poverty.  Rather than buying a pair of $2500 red sole I'm pretty sure the people in India would rather spend it on food, medical equipment, and education am I right?

Anyway....these heels are amazingly gorgeous!
Wearing this Mexibeads and dance La Bamba!

I love the details!
put this on with...

 this Judith Leiber's Elephant purse!

Are you drooling? I AM!  I wish I was Mrs. Louboutin :)

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