9 Feb 2010

is it a bag or...?

Because I'm shallow (and vein) tonight after I've done all my chores in the kitchen department and put the Boys to bed (whether they sleep or not, at least they are in their bedroom and out of my view), checked my Facebook, and get bored so I started to Google...every thing and anything.  And to my delight I found this pictures that caught my eyes.

It's the newest Louis Vuitton accessory for spring designed by Marc Jacob.  It's a Louis Vuitton trash bag or it called the Raindrop Besace bag inspired by a trash bag!  It has leather straps and the good news is that it's waterproof.  The bag can be yours for $1960.

According to the idiot fashionistas  and the looniest (that love anything and everything LV) it's a fabulous handbag!  No offence to the looniest I like LV too, but even though I have too much money  I won't buy this bin-bag and carry it in public, because it's totally NUT!

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